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Gary Marasco

Gary's Canine Experience and Training:

  • Gary started his career working with canines while he was in his early 20s.
  • Completed a government certified course in Basic and Advanced Dog Training.
  • Taught Basic Obedience Dog Training Courses at two kennels in the Lower Mainland.
  • Volunteered through the Delta Society in conjunction with the SPCA in their first "Pet Therapy Program".
  • Quarried for the Vancouver City Police Department in their Canine Squad. Gary mentored under Pat Laughy Sergeant of the Vancouver City Police - Canine Squad.
  • Worked extensively with Bloodhounds in Search and Rescue.
  • Completed his diploma in Canine Studies Program at Capilano College.
  • Worked at a Lower Mainland Emergency Veterinary Clinic as a veterinary assistant.

Gary's Equine Experience and Training:

  • Completed and graduated from an Equine Farrier Program at Kwatlan College.
  • Completed and graduated from an Equine Farrier Program in Texas USA.

"The majority of my life, has been dedicated to the care and welfare of animals both large and small." Gary Marasco.

Gary with Saint Bernards Gary with Agility dog Gary Marasco Gary with play-rotations