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  • Sophia Rose is a fifth generation Marasco within the East Kootenays.
  • She was born to this business in 1998. Not only did Sophia learn at an early age the love and companionship of animals (large and small), her empathy guided her to the importance of caring for animals with a passion.
  • Sophia is an integral part of "One of the Family Pet Care Centre"and has blossomed into a responsible, loving young lady.
  • She currently volunteers at a local Veterinarian Clinic, and enjoys being schooled in the sport of Equine Jumping.

Sophia takes much pride in spending quality time with every individual animal that comes to our facility.

She cares for all the animals and tends to their every need, whether they are the smallest Guinea pigs, Rabbits, Birds, Cats, Dogs or Horses.

  • The other attributes that Sophia contributes to this family business in that she is very well versed in our office and paper work.
  • She is very confident with our clients and our Consignment tack Shoppe that is run off of our property as well.

Sophia with big dog sophia with big dog Sophia with dogs Jumping on a horse Sophia Sophia Sophia Sophia