Clean, comfortable and secure boarding for your family pet.

  • Quiet and stress-free pet accommodation.
  • Five separate buildings assures that pets trusted in our care, are not all housed together.
  • One of the Family has earned the respect and confidence of hundreds of small companion owners.
  • Camera monitored into our home 24 hours a day.

Mechanical Air Quality in all buildings.

  • Air conditioned in summer.
  • Cozy warm in winter.
  • Air filtration.
  • Fresh air ventilation.

Supervised by Trained Staff

  • When dogs are in play-rotations outside they are supervised 100% of the time.
  • Dogs are given time with other dogs if behaviour is suggestive of cooperation by the trainer or behaviorist on staff.

Donation to firefighters

Donation of 18 Animal Oxygen Masks for rescue vehicles in the East Kootenay.

  • One of the Family Pet Care Centre" is very proud to have donated "THE GIFT OF LIFE" Pet Oxygen mask kits, to all the East Kootenay's first responder fire fighting units. Thank-you to all the brave firefighters that risk their lives to save our beloved pets from smoke inhalation.
  • Capt. Jack Magro and Sharon Marasco in front of the new fire truck with the O2 mask kit..
  • We are very excited to have done this for the community.
  • The oxygen mask kits have been supplied by One of the Family Pet Care Centre to; CRANBROOK- KIMBERLEY -PANORAMA-CASTLEGAR -EDGEWATER -CANAL FLATS -FAIRMONT - RADIUM - WINDERMERE -INVERMERE -FERNIE -ELKFORD -SPARWOOD -BAYNES LAKE -JAFFRAY -HOSMER...a total of 18 life saving units have been donated.

  • They are masks of several sizes that will fit animals as small as a guinea-pig to the large dogs. The masks can be hooked to the emergency vehicles O2 systems to help supply oxygen to the pets when rescued from a fire or other emergency.
  • See also the article in a Cranbrook Daily Townsman article by Annalee Grant - Dec. 19, 2012. "From Rover to Polly"
  • CTV News video about the O2 Masks

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